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Survivor GameZ 3 - My Perspective

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 12:34 AM

For those that don't know me, my name is Hicks and I am the Project Lead for Survivor GameZ.

What that means in the context of this post is that there is a 99% chance that any issues you may have with the way each Survivor GameZ Season Finals go can be traced straight back to me.
I have seen a good amount of concern over how the event staff played out during the final moments of SG3, and while I completely understand the many opinions on how the events occurred, I need to make a few key points known.
  • My staff were not firing -at- players. No staff hit, nor damaged any of our competitors.
  • The staff are not NPCs, they are human members of the Survivor GameZ team.
  • Absolutely no action was taken independently by said staff, each action was a decision that came down the line from me. This includes firing shots and moving around on the roof to be a tasty target for competitors.
  • It is important to understand that the Survivor GameZ competition has always featured dynamic narrative driven events to make the playing field seem more like a living world, and less like a competition arena.
The last surviving staff member, Tommy has received a significant amount of hate mail, youtube video downvoting, and even in a few cases death threats. While I genuinely love how invested each and every Survivor GameZ community member is, these actions are beyond unacceptable. Tommy has always gone out of his way to do whatever I ask of him for the event, while reaping no rewards, recognition, or incentive. To hear how devastated he was the hours after the event upset me a great deal. This is why I feel the need to make it crystal clear - Tommy did exactly what I told him to do. If you desire to be angry with anyone, you should be upset with me. -

All that unpleasantness behind us, I'd like to focus on the competition itself. I've spent a good deal of time reading over everyone's feedback, both negative and positive. While I agree that in hindsight, that we should have pulled the staff out once the playspace was limited to Phase 3, I stand by my decision.
It may not have been the best call, but it was the call I made at the time and I think at the very least, it generated a good amount of data for the team to analyze for Season 2.
Below are a few points I noticed in my personal post mortem that we'll be working on for the upcoming Season:
  • Addressing the unplanned night/day shift: This was a shortcoming on my end, as I had failed to reboot the server to reset local time, and utilized scripts to alter the time for all players globally. This script reset itself after 20 or so minutes, and I was tabbed out when this occurred.
  • A significant amount of time is always spent dealing with getting each team into the server, and on the starting line. We are exploring options for making this far more randomized, engaging, and less time consuming.
  • Utilizing mechanics that rely less on environment (Namalsk) and more on immediate threats (zombies, bandits) to combat players spending extensive time inside "safe areas"
  • Delivering clearer death messages to allow for players to track the remaining threats within the games.
  • Returning the primary map stream. Initially the belief was that viewers would appreciate the primary cast being able to quickly switch a real time player location map to demonstrate traffic, flow, and hot spots - however it appears the original map stream is the best method to allow viewers to track competitor movements.
The Survivor GameZ is an ever evolving machine that exists *solely* for the community behind it. At the center of that community are the viewers. We've tried to evolve how we engage you guys over the lifecycle of the Survivor GameZ, and this is ever changing. Lately, we have attempted to reach out via our twitter with contests, retweets, and notifications. Over the next few months we will attempt to add into this our forums, as well as scheduled rebroadcasts of the season finals.
In addition, as the event continues to grow we have noticed the workloads on our small staff have increased. We will be reaching out to you, the viewers in an effort to find additional talented folks to assist in the  ongoing production over the days to come.

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