Flora pattern. Widely loved Gucci pattern

GG logo. Guccio Gucci’s initials abbreviation identify the most

Early emergence in the early 1960s, when in the form of single or double G of G
It appears as located in the historic streets of Florence Via delle Caldaie long Gucci handbag design and production factories square loop buckle.

2, bamboo package. Gucci Bamboo handbag original design lines rigorous, manual fine small handbag, using pigskin leather, decorated with curved bamboo handle. Born in 1947, soon became a model for Gucci craftsmanship.

GG logo evolution
Guccio Gucci’s initials Short designation first appeared in the 1960s, when double or single G G design appears as Florence Street Via delle Caldaie factory design and production of Gucci handbags square fishing buckle. Shortly after, GG logo turned into a diamond-shaped pattern, is woven into the best-selling cotton canvas bag,

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, GG This acronym identifies accompanied Celebrities, each celebrity society frequently appeared soon make Gucci brand renowned worldwide. Experienced numerous design and re-interpretation of the classic GG logo innovation, its style eventually evolved into abstract style, surrounded by the words ring flip each other. GG represents a wild personality, who use gold and silver and white, sometimes baked into luxurious velvet, or in a floating flower leather surface; sometimes printed on silk suede show. Or woven into cloth, and even put together on the magnificent crocodile and lizard skin. As a cross-cultural status symbol, it can create a number of different images, both elegant, also casual embellishment.

Sixth, the classic elements
5, horsebit. Horsebit design first appeared in the 1950s roulette purses for dark brown. The Gucci flat shoes can become a classic design, horsebit also contributed.

6, signature web. Green Ribbon logo – red – green stripe from the deep roots of the brand and equestrian sports among its inspiration from the first fixed saddle on horseback canvas webbing.

Sixth, the classic elements

7, Flora pattern. Widely loved Gucci pattern –

Flora gorgeous birth, all because of a special committee customization

8, diamond Plaid. Gucci brand from the classic diamond pattern canvas core, Gucci is the most precious historical heritage of excellence in a fabric design.

• Gucci jewelry using silver material readily re-interpretation of its classic Flora pattern. Inspiration for the series from a logo design Gucci history. The story begins in 1966 in Milan, when Prince Rainier of Monaco, Princess here carry Gucci boutiques. Rodolfo Gucci insisted on the selection of a gift to Princess Grace with her purchase of bamboo handbag. Princess chose a scarf. Rodolfo Gucci was enough to reflect the lack of a gorgeous royal style identity, so he commissioned illustrator Vittorio Accornero he can imagine to create a most beautiful patterns. When Accornero with his works – Flora pattern returns Gucci, a graceful, colorful floral patterns is destined to become a design classic. Over the years, Gucci on scarves, handbags and various accessories widespread application of this design, and gives it bright rich colors and beautiful seasonal floral pattern.

• Wear FLORA scarf Grace Kelly

FLORA origin
• Flora is Roman mythology, symbol of youth. According to legend, God took the posture appeared with encrusted roses, roses thus become the king of flowers. Westerly god Zephyr chasing fairy Crowe Lisi earth. Crow Fairy Lisi attempts to get rid of hard to catch God westerly, ultimately did not have escaped the Zephyrus Flora hug. Crowe Lisi mouth overflowing with brightly colored flowers, one after another fall. Floating in Fuluo La Flore’s body, forming a beautiful coat, she was once a white earth, and shortly already blooming flowers, full of vitality. Crowe is the land of fairy Lisi, westerly God is spring. Spring breeze blowing, earth flowers, beautiful flowers along with the birth of God.

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Gucci, the Italian fashion brand

Gucci, the Italian fashion brand, Chinese translation Gucci, Gucci by Gucci, Leo Gucci (Guccio Gucci) was founded in Florence in 1921. Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, neckties, scarves, hats, perfume, jewelry, gifts, travel and business supplies, household goods and pet supplies. Gucci has always been high-end fashion brands, luxury, sexy and famous, as “a symbol of status and wealth,” Brand become rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion.

A brand Introduction Second, the brand history Third, the brand style four or five designers, the classic series of six, seven classic elements, clothing overview VIII, positioning crowd

Second, the brand history

In 1921, Guccio Gucci in Florence started a home business and small leather goods, luggage store.

1930s, Gucci launched a unique horsebit pattern – a brand of immortality logo, GUCCI brand with great success.

1940, faced with the plight of lack of raw materials, Gucci began to try to use special materials, one of the innovations is as polished bamboo handle bamboo bag, its sides curved design inspiration from the shape of the saddle. “Bamboo bag” Gucci is one of the many iconic products in the first launch of exquisite works.

1950, Gucci inspiration from traditional saddle with a designed green – red – green striped ribbon logo. In 1953, Guccio Gucci’s death, his son Aldo, Vasco, Ugo and Rodolfo take over the business.

1960, with the immortal design, Gucci products quickly became popular, and favored by well-known international stars and elegant high society people. The mid-1960s, Gucci introduced the legendary interlocking double G logo, creating yet another chic Gucci fashion visual signs.

1970, the company first launched clothing line, one of the most distinctive is printed with GG logo shirts and coats with fur trim GG buttons.

1980, 1981, Gucci in Florence organized the first fashion show. 1982, Gucci became a public limited company by Rodolfo’s son Maurizio Gucci took over, he has a 50% stake in the company. In 1987, an investment company Investcorp Bahrain began to buy Gucci, culminating in the early 1990s, it acquired all shares of Gucci.

In 1994, Tom Ford as creative director of Gucci, the luxury brand to inject bold, exciting new feeling aroused strong resonance in celebrities and fashion figures. Gucci stiletto shoes and accessories with metal detail silk dresses become hollow unique perspective reflects Ford’s classic.

21 century, in 2006, the former creative director of accessories Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini) was appointed as creative director. Gucci through further exploration of the rich tradition and unmatched accumulation process, Giannini to create Gucci

The management and now the unique historical past and the trend of integration
Read, GUCCI entered a new stage of development.

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